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Elect a man who has represented the nation as Senior Rule of Law Advisor

Merit and Fitness: Three examples

Larry Kelly

Creator: TSGLI lump sum disability benefit for wounded warriors ($1 billion for seriously wounded )

Lead Attorney: National pro bono effort for 9/11 victims ($2 billion for families and injured )

Senior Rule of Law Advisor US State Department Iraq including presentation of witnesses in murder prosecution of Iranian operatives in Iraqi provincial court. 

Private Practice of Law

In addition to his work for the nation, Larry has had a a private practice of law with dozens of important civil rights cases. He has been a District Attorney, County Attorney, and, before law school, worked as an undercover civil rights investigator. 

Why Larry Kelly offers voters a choice

Newsday describes this election as a "mockery of judicial selection by Suffolk County Democrats aided and abetted by the ideologically bankrupt Conservative and Independence parties."  Larry took the Republican nomination to offer the voters a solid choice. 


Larry Kelly is the right choice for Long Island.  Make your vote count!

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How you can help restore merit and fitness

Question how you get an election ballot meant to mislead you. How do Democrats put up Conservatives without telling you? And Conservatives make a "great deal on judgeships" ?  Not a "great deal" for rule of law. 

Larry Kelly for NYS Supreme Court

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